Universal Dividend & 50% Discount-Rebate Policy: The Way To Enable Re-industrialization, Innovation and The Move Toward Ecologically Sane Modern Economies

With a sufficient universal dividend and a 50% discount-rebate policy there would be absolutely no reason to worry about unemployment as we re-industrialized the nation in the most modern, efficient, innovative and ecologically sane fashion possible. If we imported much less because we produced domestically, how stable and integral could the economy be? Answer: Incredibly more so. The same of course would be the result for every other advanced economy, and less advanced ones could develop much faster with the same policies while fitting the size and percentage rate of the above two policies as the job quickly progressed.

The two policies of Wisdomics-Giftonomics and the rates of each have so many positive “knock-on” effects its amazing everyone isn’t on its bandwagon.

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