The Darkside of The Cosmic Code of Trinity-Unity-Oneness

The Trump administration is good at this darkside method.  It’s stated as:

[ Confusion –><– Chaos)  –>  Consolidation of Power For the Powerful ]

The actual Trinity-Unity-Oneness/Cosmic Code Is:

[ (Truth, Integration of Opposing Truth)  <–>  Beneficial Thirdness Greater Oneness of Truths For All ]

Politics is unfortunately almost entirely about power and furthering the power agenda of the powerful on both sides of the partisan divide.  Political agendas are inherently divisive and must be transcended by the intention of Trinity-Unity-Oneness/The Cosmic Code which is:

The benefit of the individual first, last and always…and what is also beneficial to organizations-systems as well.

This intention is win-win and systemically integrative. The darkside intention is win-loss and systemically dis-integrative…..and the government shut down is a perfect example of the latter.

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