Posted To WEA Pedogogy Blog 01/14/2018

DHC:  It would appear that this article is being based on human relationships or a friendly and cooperative kind. This is a beautiful approach to the problems of this world but it is not economics, which is based on what were can gain with hard work of the least amount for its unlimited produce. It is important to recognize that the Christian charitable ideals that led to Socialism were not aimed at efficient production, but in inefficient sharing and that ethical as this trend surely is it is not economics.

Me:  Sorry, but that’s missing the point. The point and the problem IS that economics ISN’T addressing full human reality….and the reason why is because the monopolistic monetary paradigm of Debt ONLY enforces systemic austerity despite our tremendous capability to produce AND DISTRIBUTE…unless we’d awaken to the new monetary paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting….and apply monetary policy at the single aggregative and integrative point in the economy, namely retail sale.

Monetary Gifting is simply a monetarily/economically reflective aspect of the most integrative human mental and emotional state AKA graciousness which, whichever of the world’s major wisdom traditions may call it IS their pinnacle concept and experience.

So again, if we want to insist on merely pursuing the obviously failed and non-inclusive experiment with economic theory insisting that homo economicus be the only pattern….then we’ll never enable the fruits of our true and correct species designation of homo sapiens, i.e. wise and discerning man.


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