I’m Not Saying….

…that every loan is criminal or Finance is always wrong. That would be a generalized and irrational stupidity. I AM saying that its paradigm of Debt Only WILL INEVITABLY lead to extremely unethical acts when it is challenged. It has always used political bribery, coercion and extortion, but those are just the minor crimes it has and will commit when its monopoly paradigm is challenged even in minor ways. If it is actually challenged it will use all of those unethical acts plus opposition research in order to quash and smear. Then failing to thwart any foe it will use currency manipulation and economic devastation like recessions and depressions…simply because with its monopoly paradigm….it can do such things.  The final unethical act it will perpetrate in order to maintain its power is war.  Oh, they’ll have more than plausible deniability via being five or six times removed from the circumstances of the start of any hostilities, but the real underlying and covert force behind the violence will be the refusal to accept any workable end of their monopoly paradigm of Debt Only.

Monopoly power is great….and the monopoly power of money creation is supremely powerful.  That’s why paradigm perceivers must be continually on the look out for the ways that Finance/Banking as it is….will act.



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