Any Costs and/or Business Models Post Retail Sale Are Not Legitimate Private Economic Agents…

…and so any such business models must become retail mark up and/or fee for service models only and any actual credit/money must be Created, Controlled and Distributed only By Public Institutions or Authorities.  This of course would enable them to take advantage of the Discount/Rebate Policy that all other retail business models are entitled to.

Why? Because retail sale is the end of the private economic/productive process and also where costs and prices are terminally summed. Hence any additional costs post retail sale are a fundamental violation of the sanctity of the private retail/economic function and promise of summation of costs and prices. 

Any other administrative/governmental charges are, appropriately,  fee for service.

Finally, a public credit/monetary authority would be the only creator, controller and distributor of the actual credit for any note, and its mandate to establish and distribute the new paradigm policies of both the universal dividend and discount/rebate  monies would also apply to such note. Thus any such note, in the individual’s interest, could/would also be discounted 50% as well.   Example:

Consumer agrees to purchase a $213k home from home builder including 6% real estate fees plus governmental services of $1000.  The note of $213k is created and $13k is paid to cover the remaining real estate and governmental fees as well as the $200k to the home builder. The note is discounted 50% to $106.5k and at 0% for 10 years the consumer has a monthly payment of $888. All businesses are made whole and the entire process remains within the parameters of retail sale including the monetary authority’s retail discount on the note. No fees are charged by the monetary authority whose costs  are entirely funded….by itself as are all governmental services.



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