Posted To The Palmer Report 01/10/2018

I think it likely that Grassley and Graham have just made the political computation that Trump Is synonymous with the republican party and that if they don’t try to bolster Trump that it’s going to be disastrous in November. Having said that I doubt there’s anything truly effective they can do because while the jury’s still out on whether Trump actually is treasonous what cannot be denied is that he’s either treasonous or the biggest American “useful idiot” in the history of Russian/American spy history. In fact so long as Trumpism/Bannonism dominate our governance Putin cannot lose because their entire political philosophy is the disintegrative nonsense of “the Fourth Trurning” which is actually just the oft historically observed result of the failure to accomplish an integrative thirdness greater oneness regarding civilization’s most chronic problem, namely the continuous build up of debt due to the monopolistic dominance of Finance’s paradigm of Debt Only. My soon to be published book Wisdomics-Giftonomics deals with this looming historical problem and you can get background on it from my first book Money and Wisdom: The Way Out The Way Home and my blog


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