The Problem Is The Monetary Paradigm

The current one is Debt Only. The “Only” designation is the give away that it is a monopoly condition which should be a glaring contradiction for everyone who thinks free markets and competition are essential. Unfortunately old paradigms are habitual to the point of being almost entirely unconscious in the minds of the vast majority of the populace, and this unconsciousness is also accompanied by many fallacious and/or authoritarian attitudes about economic and human realities and so people, even progressive and intelligent economists and money reformers, are not able to resolve such conflicts….and consequently cannot see clear enough to perceive the old paradigm let alone the new one.

Hence we have most people and most economists unaware that the old/current monetary paradigm is the key problem, and even fewer of these have any idea of what the new paradigm might be.

Hence virtually all thinking and reformist policy suggestions are reduced to “epicycles” that haplessly and unresolvingly chip away at the edges or at best at the granitic heart of the problem. In this case the monopolistic, dominating and increasingly inhumane monetary paradigm of Debt Only.

With Wisdomics-Giftonomics I present a new vision of a new monetary paradigm and a new economic paradigm as well. A new paradigm not only changes everything in the area in which it is relevant and applied to, it changes everything deeply. In fact it transforms the entire area it is applied to. This is the nature and the history of genuine paradigm changes.


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