The Distinctions Between A Theory, A Philosophy and A Paradigm, and The Power and Depth of Analysis of Each

A theory is a complex of ideas about a particular area of concern or body of knowledge.

A philosophy is an even larger complex of ideas and concepts including the ethical considerations about a theory.

A paradigm is a single concept that defines, mentally saturates and influences and guides everything in a theory, an area of concern, body of knowledge and of individuals’ minds.

A theory analyzes  ideas and their objective truthfulness.

A philosophy analyzes the ideas in a theory plus even more ideas and their ethical/rationally moral truthfulness.

A new paradigm is a new cognition (new first time recognition) of a concept that analyzes the single deepest, most relevant and influential concept of any theory and/or philosophy under consideration and how it influences everything in them. Hence a new paradigm is a unifying and power focusing  analysis of that single concept that, identified, enables aligned thought and policy to change and even transform everything in the body of knowledge/area of human endeavor it is applied to.

The only thing higher and more influential than a new paradigm is the concept behind even the new paradigm which would be a new zeitgeist/new ethic for the age…and I have also discovered that concept.

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