Exogenous Money Creation, The Retailization of Banking/Finance and The Ethical and Rational Control of Financial Speculation, Real Estate and Other Large Asset Purchases

Banks would only be allowed to form bonds from money already created and saved for business expansion and for speculation in the stock market, and the banks and the investors in such speculations would be entirely responsible for any losses incurred from such investments.

Leverage would not be allowed for purely financial/stock market speculative activities as it is an obvious economic vice if not mortally destabilizing sin. Mortgages and large retail purchases such as automobiles, boats etc. would only be allowed to be retail services mark up sources of profit for banks hence enabling them to take part in the discount policy of Wisdomics-Giftonomics unless or until such services are completely cybernated/algorithmized.

Banking/Finance would be a retail business not a money creating one, and the FED/National Credit Office would be the exogenous source of all new credit with policies aligned with Gifting, traditionally productive enterprise, innovation that enables greater productivity with less resource usage and service to the individual and enterprise.

The system must serve mankind, not be a system that man must serve.

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