The Problem With Paradigms Is…

….that most people have no concept of what the present monetary paradigm is and so they have no idea of its problematic nature….and this makes their awareness of what the new monetary paradigm might and should be, virtually nil.

The present monetary paradigm, Debt Only, is controlled only by the business model of Finance thus making it a monopolistic one. Now that is a rather glaring contradiction for anyone who professes to be in favor of free and competitive markets.

Some would say that government deficits are not debt, but under the present set up bonds/debt are what the government has the FED create as our government expenditures. Modern Monetary Theory correctly points out that because the government is sovereign it doesn’t have to create such money as debt at all, but this still does nothing about the even larger numerical amount of private debt and the systemic problem of the continuous need to build up private debt in order to try (and still fail) to keep the macro economy from sliding into recession or worse.

And this “necessity” is enforced by the monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only.

So if the paradigm of Debt Only is the current problematic one, and the primary signature of a new paradigm is that it is an inversion and complete conceptual and policy opposite of the old paradigm….then monetary gifting fits that bill perfectly….and all we need to do is intelligently implement monetary gifting into the economy in the most beneficial and saturating way possible….so that the individual and systemic oppressiveness of continual debt build up is transformed into an economy that frees the individual, commercial agents and the system as a whole.

And that is precisely what the Double Discount-Rebate and Universal Dividend policies and their aligned tax and incentive regulations do.


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