De-Bunking The Irrational Generalization Behind Current Libertarian Orthodoxy, and The Contradictions and Arrogant Refusals To Integrate In Both Liberal and Conservative Orthodoxies

That irrational computation is that government is always the the problem and is always tyrannical.

However, if the government’s policies are the very expression of individual monetary and economic freedom and commercial free flowingness…as the policies of Wisdomics-Giftonomics-Gracenomics indeed are…how can libertarians be opposed to them????

Likewise, liberals and conservatives have the irrational idea….that their perspective is the whole truth. The truth is there is truth in both liberal and conservative ideology….and untruth and half truths as well. The point is to integrate the truths and half truths and delete the untruths in both at which point you’ll have an entirely third and greater truthfulness. The motto economically and politically for conservatives and liberals needs to be Integrate…and keep on integrating! And after you think you’ve integrated enough…take another look and make damned sure you can’t integrate some more. And then, after you’ve waited a while look again, because time changes things and opens up new opportunities to further integrate. Integrating, continually integrating truths, workabilities and the highest ethical considerations of whatever is under consideration is the very process of wisdom, and maintaining that mental process is the pinnacle concept and experience of wisdom also known as the state of grace/graciousness…which is defined as Love in action, Love within oneself expressed out in the temporal universe toward whatever is out there at the moment.

And that beats being merely liberal or conservative….both personally and temporally.




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