Every Temporal Truth….

…is an inversion of a psychological/spiritual one.  Perceiving the physical universe through the eye inverts the image/electro-magnetic waves and yet its reality for us is re-inverted.

The physical universe seems like an overwhelming reality, and it is very real, but consciousness is actually so much more significant and ultimately powerful that it places the physical in its proper perspective.

Everything appears separate from everything else….and it is, but it’s also utterly connected by unseen/unperceived by our normal senses electro-magnetic/photonic/quantum particles that are the actual underlying realities that continually swirl around and between us. Thus the oneness one feels in the heightened state of reality referred to in all of the world’s major wisdom traditions is the more basic and full reality.

There are undoubtedly countless other examples of such paradoxes, and the only way to resolve them is to thoroughly consciously understand both sides of them.


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