Finance Might Be Able To Lend Money For Business Start Ups…But Not For Large Consumer Asset Purchases like Homes, Autos and Health Care

Homes, Autos and Healthcare will be “retailized” and the Double Discount/Dividend policies will be applied to their prices.

Either a Public Banking system and/or the National Credit Office will fund all commercial loans after a thorough analysis of the market, borrower’s history and credit-ability and the purpose for the commercial loan itself.

An example of how the Double Discount and Dividend policies will make healthcare affordable with little or no insurance:

The Ophthamologist charges $5000 for cataract surgery and discounts his price 50% to the consumer to $2500, the surgeon is paid $2500 by the NCO to make him whole on his overheads and margin of profit.  The consumer pays the remaining $2500 with a credit card and gets $1250 rebated back. Hence everyone is whole and the entire procedure costs the consumer $1250. The consumer and his/her spouse both get $250/mo ($500 total which is the equivalent of $2000/mo in potential purchasing power) so less than 3 months they pay the rest of the bill to the Public Bank/NCO  (the discount and dividend only apply once for each purchase).  As the couple are both making, let us conservatively say, $25,000/yr via employment that’s as much as $200,000/yr ($50,000 x 4) in potential purchasing power for their wants and needs….so  they’re not sweating things too much.


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