Posted To The Comments Section of Keiser Report 12/26/2017

Me:  Rickards is (probably unconsciously) making the world safe for the utter coalescence and integration into modern economies of the monetary and financial paradigm of Debt Only. Then it will take an incredibly bloody revolt to prevent the serfdom of the mass of individuals.

The speculative futures markets are a glaring economic and financial vice if not mortal frigging sin. The Derivative nonsensical nonsense that took place before the GFC is proof of that. We don’t need more and better ways to destabilize markets with how to game such. What we do need are policies that so enrich the mass of the populace and simultaneously integrate price deflation into profit making systems that the traditionally productive investment climate is the most attractive option.


Me:  I share Rickards’ fears about addiction to technology and the anti-social fugue that people are falling into with it. What I don’t understand is his not being on the bandwagon with an economic and financial theory/philosophy/paradigm of Gifting….especially as the concept/experience behind the paradigm itself is grace/graciousness which is the temporal expression of the Christian God’s attitude toward humanity.


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