New Policies In Wisdomics-Giftonomics!!!!

The Doubly Rebated Retail Discount

The monetary authority rebates back to the business the 50% discount they give to consumers. Likewise they rebate the consumer 50% of his discounted retail purchases.

So a $10 item or items costs the consumer $5 plus he/she is rebated $2.50 of the $5 they spent. Voila! The consumer’s purchasing power is increased 4 fold, price deflation is seamlessly and beneficially integrated into profit making systems and the likelihood of competitive businesses increasing profits is assured.

The Dividend, Full Employment Re-definition and Self Chosen Purposes Policies

Life is work, and any positive and constructive activities within that definition are valid and noble.  The natural law that an animal is entitled to take from the abundance of the environment is also valid, and in the case of the human being from the increasingly abundant cultural heritage of our productive capabilities.

A $1000/mo universal dividend is implemented giving everyone 18 and older $4000/mo potential purchasing power.

Full employment is re-defined as 20 hrs/wk of employment if one can find it and 20 hrs/wk of self chosen purposeful activities.  No restriction on the number of hours one can work is implied or demanded by this policy and if one wants to work 40 hrs or more per week their obligation to seek other purposeful activities is not required of them and they still receive their dividend payment.

Parenting can be counted toward all 40 hours of employment and the dividend payment of course is also granted, but 10 hours/wk of it must consist of specific activities like parenting education, classes in early childhood development, personal socialization skills and self development for both child and adult, and other purposeful activities are also strongly advised. Higher education would be treated the same as parenting.

20 hours/wk of employment and 20 hours/wk of self chosen purposeful activities will both increase one’s total purchasing power and help everyone make the transition to the leisure society easier and more fulfilling.

The helping professions, the clergy and the government with on going public service announcements should participate in a coordinated effort to help the individual become aware of and find their own self chosen purposeful activities.  Any problems with finding purpose and/or self destructive activities could be rapidly identified and helped and as a last resort with someone who continually struggles with inappropriately using one’s dividend payments they could be administered in constructive and responsible ways until the individual has handled the source of their problem.


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