The Retailization of Finance: The End of Its Dominance

For all large asset purchases (mortgages and vehicles etc.) and speculative endeavors Finance will be a retailer only of business plan assessment, market saturation, credit-ability assessment, accounting, depository, title insurance etc. ….but not money creating authority.

Therefore it will be able to partake of the 50% Discount policy. Therefore its services will be mark up only and any interest charged will be determined by and come back to the monetary authority and be aligned with its philosophy and ethics.

Example:  Bank receives sales invoice of home builder for $200,000 home which has been discounted to $100,000. Bank and any other attending financial businesses and governmental agencies charge for their above relevant services, let us say an additional $6000. The $100,000 is affirmed by the monetary authority, paid to the home building corporation, the note is discounted 50% to $53,000 for the consumer to pay off and all costs and profit margins by the respective businesses involved including the mark ups for finance’s services….are paid by the monetary authority so that all can be whole on their overheads and margins.


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