A Monetary and Economic Paradigm Change Is the Only Actual Solution To Our Systemic Problems and Every Other Mere Theory Is Only A Palliative, An “Epicycle” and Unethical When the Solution of A Paradigm Change Is Available

If the rate of change in Debt must never decline because it means recession, that rate can never realistically be in equilibrium with its need or desire and continual Debt/Loans, even at 0% interest eventually overwhelms the system, then the system as it is….is unresolvably unstable….except a new monetary and economic paradigm be deciphered and integrated into the system….and any call for anything less means that at least a patina of General Equilibrium remains in the mind of such theorists and even more importantly those same theorists are on very shaky ground advocating continued palliation…when an actual solution of a paradigm change exists.

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