Wisdom And Grace: The Concept of A Thoroughly Integrated Duality Within and To The Point of An Integrative Thirdness-Oneness-Wholeness-Consciousness-Process

The Ultimate Human and Temporal-Physical Reality.  The Very Process of Wisdom Itself. “The Cosmic Code.” The Concept Behind The New Monetary and Economic Paradigm.

The greatest formulation of reality since e = m/c2   [ ( A x Z)  <–>  G/C ]

This concept honors all realities and their integration in an ongoing way, and is imminently practical and applicable while simultaneously a method for attaining self development and maintaining self ascendance. It is in fact an integration of the complementary human disciplines of Wisdom and the Scientific Method, both of which are trinitarian concepts themselves.

[ hypothesis  <–>  (true datum x untrue datum) ]  = Scientific Method



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