Posted To RWER Blog 12/07/2017


I’m four square for both science and mathematics, and differential equations in mathematics as well, but none of those has enabled even the most cutting edge economists to recognize the new monetary and economic paradigm. They stand looking at it and yet at best recommend an aspect of it or a one off reductionist policy to deal with an area of the economy.

It is no coincidence that good science is open minded science, and that the signature of scientific breakthrough has historically been the integration of the scientific method and an aspect or aspects of consciousness like imagination, creativity, intuition, cognition, etc. It is also no coincidence that the process of Wisdom is the discerning of the truths in apparent opposites. In fact Science and Wisdom are the same process except science tends to habituate reductive conclusions while Wisdom recognizes their holistic counterparts.

All of the best science and reforms leading up to the Copernican Helio-Centric paradigm change were mere epicycles, and traditional science and mathematics in economics will be exactly the same…until they utilize the processes of Wisdom to consciously perceive the more holistic mindsets of philosophy and paradigm perception.

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