The Levels of Depth of Effect of Thinking/Discovery In Any Body of Knowledge (Ascending)

New Zeitgeist/Ethic

New Paradigm

New Philosophy

New Theory

New Structural Reform/Policy

New Data

It is obvious from this chart that a new paradigm would have the greatest effects on both philosophy and policy exceeded only by a new zeitgeist/ethic which is simply the ongoing and increasing awareness and agreement by everyone that the new paradigm was well and good.

Also, every level below paradigm change exists wholly or partially within the current/old paradigm and so is subject to its blinding and hypnotizing influence both temporally/structurally and mentally.

Finally, the fact that Wisdom is the integration of opposites and the mind of man, especially as it has come to look upon science as an ultimate truth, that is, an unimpeachable and singular truth….some of the very virtues of science can actually militate against….the very process and the considerable mental benefits of Wisdom. In other words the logicality of science (its reductionistic process and dualistic dedication to the truthfulness or lack thereof of DATA) can mistakenly inhibit and even prejudice one against Wisdom and its NON-DATA insights.



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