Posted To Billy Mitchell’s Blog 12/03/2017

The UK should implement a universal dividend sufficient to make all transfer taxes for welfare, unemployment and social security redundant and thus eliminate-able, a rebated discount at retail sale of 50% thus doubling everyone’s purchasing power (retail sale is the summing point and ending point of all costs and prices for any item so discounting and then rebating to either the enterprise or the consumer by a monetary authority cannot harm any individual or commercial agent because the rebate makes the agent whole on either their margins and overheads or the purchase price they just paid) and then quickly re-industrialize while the export platform nations scramble to sell them as much as they can in the interim….and then realize that the best strategy would be to duplicate such policies in their domestic markets. Of course you could integrate a job guarantee into such a policy network as well for anyone who wanted a job and/or was having a difficult time finding purpose without being able to “put their time in”. Of course with all of this additional demand in play and price deflation almost miraculously being integrated into profit making systems and re-industrializing there would inevitably be more employment than there is under the current austerity if not historically.

Once one clearly sees the new monetary and economic paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Gifting all manner of new and better options present themselves. That’s the nature of a genuine paradigm change which is a deep and progressive change of pattern, an inversion of primacy with the old paradigm and a change that every aspect of the system in which it takes place WILL adapt to….not the other way around.


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