The Three Secret Policies That Will Change Everything…Revealed To You Now

Preface: The pricing system of commerce at retail sale is digital in nature. That means that if you reduce a price by whatever amount and then rebate that same amount back to a business issuing the discount there is a null accounting effect…but a positive effect on everyone’s purchasing power.
First Policy: Retail Price Discount/Rebate. For instance if a discount policy was implemented where every retail business could reduce their prices to their customers by 50% and yet be rebated all of those discounts back to them when they proved that a sale had actually occurred.  Thus with this policy which is aligned with the new primary monetary paradigm of Gifting everyone in the economy would instantaneously receive a doubling of their personal purchasing power and due to the rebate every enterprise would be made whole on their margins and overheads while increasing their volume of sales and potentially profiting much more.
Second Policy: 1% Gifting policy for all commercial agents.  For all other businesses/business models if, after a monthly rigorous examination of their books they do not raise their prices the National Credit Office/FED/Treasury will gift them the equivalent of what a 1% increase in their prices would have brought them. And if they do increase their prices for reasons other than new and legitimate additional costs, then they are taxed on whatever that increase would have brought them at a rate of 150%. And if, after receiving all of the benefits of the 1% Gift, the elimination of transfer taxes, increased demand for their product with the dividend and the ability to sell their product at 50% of their costs and yet get that full price the enterprise still persists in raising their prices simply to further gain, then they immediately risk the national credit office refusing to honor the discount for their prices….and consumers of course will go elsewhere for their needs. Thus with this policy aligned with the new monetary paradigm of Gifting the monetary authority takes sovereign, adult, responsible, benevolent, rewarding of virtue, punishing of vice and complete and freeing control of the pricing system of commerce. 
Third Policy: A monthly universal Dividend policy of approximately $1500/mo. paid to everyone 18 years of age and older that would immediately make redundant and so unnecessary all transfer taxes paid by both businesses and individuals for welfare, unemployment insurance and social security and would immediately also end poverty in the nation. Thus profit making systems would no longer be constrained by demand and combined with the above two policies there would not only not be erosive inflation, but rather a beneficial integration of price deflation into profit making systems.
These policies also have many other advantages to them than the ones enumerated above and I will be posting those here soon. In the mean time look directly at them and how they would fit seamlessly within the system of commerce, the accounting system and benefit your individual and/or commercial monetary reality. Paradigms get more real the longer and more deeply you contemplate them and their actual temporal effects.

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