Vision…and Perseverance With It

That’s what it takes to actually see a new paradigm thoroughly. It (the vision) comes in bits and pieces, then gobs and gobs and finally a torrent until you completely trust its separate aspects and the whole of  the new paradigm. It also helps if the concept behind the new paradigm is even greater, more basic and more applicable than the specific area of application of the new paradigm.

In other words the new monetary and economic paradigm is direct and reciprocal monetary gifting. The concept behind the new paradigm is the natural spiritual concept of Grace/satori-kensho/samadhi which is applicable to all human beings as we are all conscious beings having a physical-temporal experience and finally Grace etc above is actually the name for the experience of experiencing the most basic reality of the cosmos which means it’s the most basic experience of everything which makes it applicable to everything.  Furthermore, as Grace is the pinnacle concept and experience of Wisdom and integration is the very process of Wisdom that logically points at the fact that concentrically Grace is integrated with and so applicable to every area of human existence from the individual self to the family, to the the society, to the economy, to philosophy on up to natural spirituality and continually back and forth and throughout all of these areas.

And that kinda makes it significant.  :))


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