The “Pass On” Retail Product Discount

A little clarification of the discount/rebate policy.

It is a pass on discount of the agreed upon percentage of their “retail product(s)” to their consumers from mining to the business model of retail sale.

50% would be optimal because it would benefit individuals at retail sale by immediately doubling their available purchasing power, and would make the policy virtually irresistible to every business model because why would any enterprise not like to sell their product at half their best competitive price….and still get that full price via the rebating of their discounts? Also, if, for whatever irrational and anti-social reason, one refused to participate in a policy that benefited every individual and business, it would be committing commercial suicide as they’d have to sell their product at approximately twice the price of their competitors.

Finally, it would be extended even to the business model of Finance/Banking for their various loans which would both nakedly expose the tremendous power they possess with their money creation charters, and also enable them to become an ethically sharing and integral part of the economy instead of an attached, dominating and manipulative parasite with its monopoly paradigm of Debt Only.

For instance, if a home building corporation discounted their price for a home costing $200k to $100k and then the Bank discounted the loan from $100k to $50k (and of course the Bank would receive the full $100k via the rebate of their discounts to the individual) then the price would end up being only 25% of its actual cost….to the individual. Such is the virtual magic of the new paradigm of direct and reciprocal gifting.  

And I’m sure that every bank will want to participate in the policy….because if even one of their competition does and they don’t….its rapidly bye-bye Bank. And if they all collude not to participate they will be exposed as purely self interestedly opposing a policy that so greatly benefited every individual and every other enterprise….that the people and the rest of the business community would rise up…and demand that we charter a new kind of bank that would be happy to participate in such a good and gracious economic and social policy, that is a Bank that was actually interested in serving the public interest as well as its own.

Note: Some regulation would also be needed for some of their products and services. For instance leveraged purely financial speculations like the various derivative products as well as already on the books regulations regarding leveraged naked shorting etc.


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