Natural Spirituality Is My Real Purpose, But…

….my contribution of the new monetary and economic paradigm and its policies is a part, a stepping stone to that higher goal. The continuous negative effects of an unstable and scarcity ridden economy are such a stressful cloud, a gigantic neurosis on human civilization that resolving it with the policies of the new paradigm would be like a huge deep breath, a planetary stimulation of the vagus nerve, an advancement to human culture that we haven’t seen since the change from hunting and gathering to agriculture and maybe even since the birth of conscious awareness itself….because those policies bring consciousness to present time in the economic stopping/pausing point and ubiquitousness of the point of sale. It’s like Jon Kabat-Zinn’s book title and insight “Wherever You Go, There You Are” brought to the primary purpose and every moment of the economy.  It’s a crashing through of consciousness into temporal affairs and so opens up and broadens the legitimate areas that an otherwise transcendental spirituality might neglect.    

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