Trinity-Unity-Oneness and The Integration of Morals and Ethics

Morals tend to be black and white. Ethics is the rational consideration of morals. Integrating (the very process of wisdom) the truths and insights of the two disciplines would ultimately result in discovery of the pinnacle concept of wisdom which would in turn be a new and different thing as wisdom is also the dynamic, interactive and thorough integration of opposites to the point of thirdness and greater oneness.

This is the concept behind the new monetary and economic paradigm, and even beyond that temporal application, the experience pointed at by all of the world’s major wisdom traditions.

There is a hierarchy of ways and means of knowing/knowledge that inclusively ascends from data to philosophy to self knowledge that are all monitored by the act and direction of looking. You look outwardly/scientifically at temporal data/facts, you look inwardly at and about the philosophical implications of those facts and their relationships to each other (contemplation) and this results in a third greater self actualization/self knowledge/atonement-at oneness of both the data and the philosophy.

This is all natural philosophy and natural spirituality.


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