Monetary Inflation Is A Misnomer and Largely A Fiction, and An Ethic of Grace Is The Policy Answer

It should rather be called “The human freedom to act inflation” and could and without controlling financial services undoubtedly would increase….unless you take adult, responsible, complete, graciously unobtrusive, ethical and benevolent control of the entire pricing system with my point of sale discount/rebate policy.

“Oh you’re a fascist or communist and want to control everyone and every commercial agent!”

“Oh, you’re a libertine who wants to destroy all values with monetary profligacy!”

Give me a break. I’m not advocating either of these dogmatically loaded statements. I’m simply saying that there is in fact no such thing in the temporal universe as total freedom. There is only freedom amongst known (conscious) barriers.  The question is do you want only monetary freedom for a wealthy elite which is the current and historically ubiquitous trend, or do you want satisfactorily relative monetary freedom for everyone and potential greater profitability for any enterprise?

The discount is a beneficial, benevolent policy for everyone, it recognizes “human freedom to act inflation” and it consciously and graciously controls the pricing system for the common Good…..and it even enables a slight and ethical ability to inflate without destroying the benevolent effects of the policy….if you dare inflate 2-3% per year and risk losing market share and the discount is 50%, then the net purchasing power of everyone is still increased by 47%….and you are free to do so. Likewise if you as an enterprise don’t pass on the discount to your consumers you’re immediately out of the program and out of business as a result.  In other words you’re free to do the right thing for yourself and others, and if you’re an anti-social and/or greedy asshole….bye, bye.

When you embrace the beatific chains of an ethic of Graciousness….it all becomes much more clear to you.


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