Grace: Integrated Duality/Bothness

Probably the major relevant aspect of the concept of Grace to thinking is the fact that it includes the thorough integration of the truths etc. in opposites. Hence it cannot be a mere reaction or a rigid orthodoxy. Thus it is the categorical avoidance of egoistic opinion, closed mindedness and all of the irrationality, loss of focus on solutions and resistance to necessary change that so often attends intellectual discussion.

If one would simply adopt the ethic of monitoring whether or not they are truly considering legitimate truths in opposing perspectives, and further adopting the mental motto of “when in doubt integrate….and keep on integrating”,  more Wisdom and its integrative solutions would present themselves to scholars and decision makers.

And in a period where looming civilizational problems are met with obsessive contention from all sides and attempts to “put lipstick on a pig” and call it actual and/or beneficial change seems to be the best we can do, graciously considered integrative solutions would be the breath of fresh air alternative for survival.


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