Posted To YouTube The Shift Regarding Paul Cienfuegos’ Organization Community Rights 11/18/2017

I could not agree more that even worse than regulatory capture the system has been designed to favor the corporatocracy. It’s another aspect of the system that people are generally unconscious of. The lobbyists know what they are doing (although they have probably justified it mainly on the basis of other cultural/economic myths), but conscious conspiracy or unconscious justification….the result is elites dominating the general populace. My thinking is that the biggest problem is partial awareness of the problematic current paradigm and virtually complete unconsciousness of the new paradigm shift that is required to extricate ourselves from the patterns we are currently tied to. If we could self actualize many of the aspects of an encompassing and universally resolving concept like grace/graciousness, an aspect of which is love in action….then community action would be consciously pushed forward as an integral part of the new ethic.

In other words driving a stake through the heart of the business model at the very pinnacle of the corporatocracy’s pyramid of power, namely Finance, with a concept like grace as in gifting would decapitate the entire structure and again, as an integral aspect of the concept of grace is action, enable a greater awareness of the necessity of acting for justice and the Good NOW wherever you exist and at this particular moment.


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