The Participation Rules and Benefits of The Discount Policy

  1.  Every enterprise passes on the 40+% discount percentage on each of their products/services to their retail customers.
  2.  Every enterprise agrees to a rigorous examination of their accounting and if they are discovered arbitrarily and without due cause raising their prices there will be a process for taxing those price raises and if severe and serial ending their participation in the policy. Note: It should be extremely hard to justify price raises when all of the enterprise’s vendors are selling to them at a 40+% discount.
  3.  If an enterprise does not pass on their discount they will be kicked out of the discount policy program and any discounts they receive from their vendors will be taxed at the rate of 100%.
  4.  Business Benefits:  Being able to sell their products at 40+% less should make aan enterprise’s volume of sales and hence profits increasing a much greater possibility. Also, every enterprise participating will be able to eliminate their taxation costs for welfare, unemployment and quite quickly even social security as the relatively abundant universal dividend will make them redundant and unnecessary.   A list of other benefits: the ending of the dominating rule of Finance and its monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only and much greater economic stability as a result, the final end of  neo-liberal DSGE macro-economic theory, the end of “the tyranny of numbers and accounting” that has held economic theories captive to apparently opposing and unresolvable dualities like monetary austerity in order to prevent inflation, finally gives the business model of Finance the option to be ethical instead of an unethically dominating and manipulating one (Hence Finance probably receives the greatest gift of all that Wisdomics-Gracenomics bequeaths upon humanity. In other words, economically speaking, it’s the difference between being a sinner and finding absolution through Grace, and if one understands how essential and important having one’s ethics “in” actually is, the value of that is inestimably great.), frees governments to be able to be benevolently sovereign instead of the witting or unwitting partner of Finance’s dominance, frees enterprise and government to give free rein to technology and artificial intelligence to free us from the mental chains of homo economicus so that we can fulfill our true species designation, homo sapiens sapiens, i.e. wise and discerning man,
  5.  Enterprises are enabled to further discount their prices at times or any times, but those discounts will not be rebated back.

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