Paradigmatic Integration/Synthesis Is The Penultimate Change….

….because it is a change in the pattern of thought, not just a reform.

In other words there may be numerous reforms which have varying numbers and/or degrees of the aspects of the new paradigm as their point and purpose, and they may all be heading in the correct direction….but they haven’t yet consciously identified the exact new paradigm or the concept behind even the paradigm itself. There can be multiple syntheses of data, theory and policy, but if one discovers the exact new paradigm and understands all of its philosophical aspects they are able to see how all of the reforms link with each other. It is seeing the full pattern of both the problem and its solution. 

The new monetary and economic paradigm is Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting.

The concept behind Gifting is Grace which is both the new economic ethic and a spiritual ethic which has a pedigree that runs through all of the world’s major wisdom traditions. Economics is just the latest and most urgently needed application of Grace because it is so long over due and because the effects of the economic system have become so generally, continuously and stressfully in stimulation on individuals and commercial agents.

The only “system” broader and wider than economics is the human system itself, i.e. the body, mind and consciousness of the individual/Mankind, and getting the new paradigm of Monetary Gifting will have a very big and positive effect on the eventual application of the concept and paradigm of Grace being more routinely applied to ourselves by ourselves…continuously.





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