A Paradigm Change….

….is an extraordinary change because its a change out here (temporal universe) , and simultaneously a simultaneous change in virtually everyone here (personal universe). That means it’s a new deep truth understood by everyone. Everyone has that “Oh yeah!” moment…..at the same time! And with the ubiquity of the internet these days the depth and breadth of that extraordinary change is sped up and intensified also.

A paradigm is a complete and simultaneous integration of inner and outer reality which is actually one of the definitions of the experience of Grace.

Paradigm changes benefit everyone. We should proactively seek ideas and policies that will accomplish it by practicing the mental and temporal signatures of paradigm change which are integration of the truths in opposites (Wisdom), inversion of problematic ratios (pragmatism and open mindedness) and enlightenment/transformation/synthesis via the concept of trinity-unity-oneness-consciousness-process (the processes of logic, science and spirituality).

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