Wisdomics-Gracenomics/The Cosmic Code: The True Integration of All of The Major Heterodox Reforms and Full Consciousness of The New Monetary and Economic Paradigm and Paradigm Changes In General

MMT  Main insight is that the monetary system can be distributive

Steve Keen”s Financial Instability Thesis  Main insight is that the problem lies with Finance whose product is money, also General Equilibrium Theory is fallacious and government austerity is completely ineffective and part of the problem not the solution

Public Banking  Main insight is that Private Banking is the primary structural problem

QE For The People/Positive Money/UBI/BIEN   Scarcity of individual income is major problem of modern economies/Private Finance’s virtual monopoly on credit creation is problematic

Social Credit   Actually preceded the insights of all of the above except it still had a remainder of orthodoxy regarding equilibrium and did not have a way to saturate the entire economy with the new paradigm they had discovered

Wisdomics-Gracenomics    Integrates all of the insights from above including Social Credit’s dual policies of a universal dividend and compensated retail discount and fully extends them so that their impact saturates the entirety of modern economies and actually reverses the problematic vector of same. It discovers the new paradigm and its full fleshing out of the philosophical concept behind the new paradigm brings full consciousness of it to economics and economists.

Finally it brings additional insights about the very process of Wisdom itself, (integration of the truths in opposites) the trinity-unity-oneness nature of all new paradigms and new insights into the structural and mental manifestations and effects  that accompany all new paradigms (fully integrated duality, inversion of a ratio, inversion of position-primacy of the old paradigm)



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