Posted To The Social Credit Google Group 10/29/2017

While I’m entirely convinced  A + B is correct, frankly I think a much better approach to convincing theorists, commercial economic agents and individuals is to stress the breakthrough nature of the dual policies of social credit, especially the discount in its linking both increased purchasing power and effective control of the pricing/payments systems. Theoretic s are fine, but the true test of any theory is whether or not its policies effect and maintain freedom and prosperity for economic agents and that’s exactly what the discount policy does. Also, in positing A + B Douglas was actually the first disequilibrium theorist and Minsky and Keen are simply re-discovering that reality. The temporal universe being in continual flux abhors and prevents equilibrium except for a moment. The real power of the dividend and discount is their ability to invert the scarcity ratio of A + B from cost inflationary to cost/price deflationary….and maintain that new inverted ratio.  If one examines paradigm changes it is found that fundamental inversions of position, primacy and/or actions/direction/vector are always there. The Copernican Helio-centric paradigm change was simply the inversion/change of position and central primacy of the earth and the sun. The paradigm change from hunting and gathering to agriculture was simply the inversion of moving about for the abundance of nature to staying in one place and gathering more abundance from same. And social credit has the potential to change the entire vector of modern economies from cost inflationary to cost/price deflationary, not to mention inverting the primary vector of human civilization from obsession with power to the transformative and inclusive vector of Grace.


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