Posted To Steve Keen’s Patreon Page Regarding An Anthropological Conundrum and How To Resolve It

Me:  The solution to the numerical anthropological conundrum is to directly and/or reciprocally make everyone relatively monetarily prosperous so that then every one of their 1 to 150 human associations will be more likely to have a smile on its face as opposed to a seething xenophobic and/or schismatic one. As the build up of Debt is the problem and the curiously monopolistic paradigm of finance is Debt as Loan Only, then monetary gifting seems to be the new paradigm to balance it and become the primary one of the two. The trick is how to democratically saturate monetary gifting and maintain that saturation with the best and most beneficial policy effects.

UN:  Money gifting ain’t gonna happen though. Why not make banks like venture capitalist firms that invest and help rather than simply loan?

Me:  According to SunTzu the best way to win a war is to convince the opponent he cannot win. As for making Banks VC firms, that’s probably a good idea, but in order for a new paradigm to saturate the economy you’re going to have to make as many firms as possible “an offer so good that they cannot refuse it.”

DB:  Debt jubilee would be a start. Then figure out how to keep the rent seekers from taking over the government again. We used to hang speculators well into the 1700’s and now they control the world…………. perhaps the past contains some hints.

Me:  A debt jubilee is an excellent idea, and I’ve always liked Henry George because he went deep in considering one of the three productive factors. Perhaps what we need is a fourth factor like a nation’s cultural heritage of productive capability.


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