The Reason The High Percentage “Retail Product” Discount Policy Works

It ties an increase in purchasing power to prices everywhere and everywhen throughout the entirety of the economy thus not only eliminating inflation, but integrating price deflation painlessly, seamlessly, beneficially and saturatedly throughout same.

It fixes the leaky, hypnotizing and oppressive financial legerdemain that the paradigms of Finance have foisted on every individual and commercial agent since Sumerian civilization, and will literally bring life to dead modern economies.

Some say, “Oh Steve, your policies do harm to Finance.” The truth is Finance benefits the most and best from these policies….because it finally makes them an honest and workable business model instead of covertly dominant and problematic. “Man does not live by bread alone”, and neither does enterprise. Good will and actually cooperative effect are even more powerful than profit and control….because “pride cometh before a fall”.


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