The Abundant “Retail Product” Discount

Its the perfect and seamless integration of macro-economic theory and micro-economic policy.

The true test of a theory is whether or not its policies will have the desired and declared effects claimed, and Wisdomics-Gracenomics takes the still attached to equilibrium policies of C. H. Douglas’s Social Credit and extends and deepens their effects to the point of paradigm change. It also fully fleshes out the concept behind Social Credit and the new paradigm that is, Grace as in Gifting, as a guide to align structural changes and regulations within and throughout the ongoing reality of that new paradigm.

This discount policy is the complete integration of macro-economic policy with the realities and operations of commerce at their micro-foundations. It is enlightened, integral and empirical cost accounting and the broader economic significances to be found and derived from the same. Its the closer look, the enlightening integrative seeing and the  more workable application of economic policy which is the exact process and effect of Wisdom.


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