Disequilibrium Theory vs Monetary Paradigm Change

Disequilibrium theory is good and incrementally better than previous theories, but Monetary Paradigm Change follows the problem and primacy inversion signature of all actual paradigm changes (Hunting and Gathering Movement to Agriculture staying fixed in an area, and Ptolemaic epicycle to  Copernican Helio-centric paradigm changes), and so the changes are actually general,  integrative and transformative of all factors greatly stabilizing the area in which the new paradigm applies.

Equilibrium theory is like the curve of a failed satellite orbital insertion, disequilibrium is a little more extended suborbital curve and a monetary paradigm curve is a greatly stabilized free fall, free flowing orbital curve that may have perturbations in it but, again, is far and away more stabilized.

Also, the true test that something is a paradigm change is that everything adapts to it, not the other way around.


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