Part and Parcel Of A Paradigm Change Is A New Awareness…

of an idea/concept/reality. Hence it is deeper than any structural, regulatory, piecemeal or even philosophical reform. Consciousness is an integral part of the change and consciousness itself is so basic to humans and human systems that you cannot “get behind it”.

Likewise the dual policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics are philosophically based on a natural concept/experience, i.e. grace, is just another word for the ultimate inward experience pointed at by all of the world’s wisdom traditions; the only difference being the word used to describe it like satori-kensho, samadhi or atonement.

Grace and its temporally aligned applications, no matter whether one ascribes the origin of its experience to a transcendental God or to nature and the cosmos itself, is about consciousness and hence cannot be supplanted or deepened by other analysis than its many aspects themselves.


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