A Palliative When An Actual Solution Is Available….

…is on its face unethical, and especially unethical when it allows the continued dominance of, in this case, the business model of Finance which dominates every other business model and probably 97% of the general populace with its monopolistic paradigms of Debt, Loans and For Production Only.  Domination as an act or systemic condition, like slavery,  IS a priori unethical.

All reform movements whether they be Public Banking, crypto-currencies, MMT, or Disequilibrium theory being legitimate cost cutting procedures and/or more valid economic thinking could be incorporated into the policy solutions of Wisdomics-Gracenomics, but the latter’s insights and policies bring new consciousness to and provide the overall and actual solution to the problem while the former have only partial consciousness of and so only piecemeal and incomplete “remedies”. This is extremely important to understand.


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