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Me:  There is a third way and its description is a technologically advanced abundant profit making system of direct and reciprocal monetary distributism. The very process of what is referred to as Wisdom is the thorough integration of the truths, and only the truths, of apparently opposing perspectives. That puts the attention and intention on truths, synthesis-thirdness and progress….as opposed to orthodoxy, the obsessive contention-resistance to progress that theorists and activists on both the left and right are so prone to and which pols more concerned with power than progress can demagogue forever and a day.
Man:  That doesn’t sound like something that could be implemented given a system of universal suffrage.

Me:  You mean universal suffrage as in per capita, or what?

Man:  Universal suffrage like we currently have. People are prone to demagogues in times of stress.
Me:  Okay. But I’m convinced that a large majority of individuals and of small to medium sized businessmen would recognize that policies that costlessly increased aggregate individual demand and beneficially integrated price deflation into the economy….were in their self interests.
RJ:  Beneficially integrating price deflation into the economy; sounds good, but with high levels of debt; might require CPI linkage to all debt principals … might reduce the influence of currency speculators; if CPI and the debts are expressed in the same currency! – All existing debts? Wow, new crypto currency or anything?! … Would that be feduciary socialism? “Thirdness” sounds good; so long as it’s not a “gender-thing”.
Me:  “but with high levels of debt; might require CPI linkage to all debt principals” Yes, that is why “a modern debt jubilee” is such a good idea. However, that’s just a one-off, what about the unfortunate ongoing reality of modern economies curiously dependent upon continuous borrowing in a vain attempt to avoid recession/depression? We have to be smarter than the ancients….not just as smart…or dumber in the case of austerions. Hint: Look at the moment to moment operations of commerce and figure out where and when to best implement monetary policy.

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