The Whole Idea Is To Get Your Head Fully Around The New Paradigm…So You Can Fully See It and Know How To Implement It…Instead of Only Aiming In the Right Direction Without Actually Knowing The Full Ramifications of The Answer

I absolutely agree with the great mind of C. H. Douglas and the handful of heterodox economists like Michael Hudson, Steve Keen, Warren Mosler and his band of MMT economists and anthropologist David Graeber. Their outrage, penetrating intellectual insight and general direction of thought are all headed in the correct direction. But what we need in order to integrate, coalesce and break through with….is the full conscious awareness of the philosophical concept behind the new paradigm they all so desperately want to see come into policy effect in the temporal universe. And that is what Wisdomics-Gracenomics is all about. It identifies and steps boldly and completely into the new paradigm, fully fleshes out its philosophy and explains the aligned nature of the dual policies and main regulatory framework necessary for that cognition and its expression. In short it is a report from the other side of the paradigmatic looking glass, a vision of monetary, economic, cultural and hopefully individual rejuvenation that integrates the truths in opposites, accomplishes the synthesis and its thirdness-greater wholeness-oneness.


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