Posted To Eric Lonergan’s Blog 10/08/2017

My impression of MMT is mixed. I think they have the mechanics of money and its fiscal creation and destruction correct, but the stench of liberal orthodoxy still hangs around it IMO, and I am largely of liberal pedigree. What liberal and conservative orthodoxies need to cognite on is that wisdom in any area of life is the process of the thorough integration of the truths and only the truths of apparently opposing perspectives.

I think the major conclusion to be drawn from MMT is that a directly distributive money system is possible….you just have to look closer at the workings of commerce and how they reflect the Start, Change and Stop process nature of the temporal universe itself. Finding the stopping/ending/summing points of costs and prices throughout the entire economic process and implementing monetary policy specifically at those times and places cuts through all of the complexity and myriad activities of modern economies.

I am an innovator and extender of C. H. Douglas’s monetarily distributive theory Social Credit that I refer to as Wisdomics-Gracenomics and am compiling two books explaining those policy extensions and philosophical exegesis of its basic concept.


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