Thirdness-Greater Oneness: The Signature of Wisdom

Democrats detest Trump and under their breath most Republicans probably do the same. They’re both right to dislike the third rate populist intellect Trump espouses. Problem is both orthodox liberalism and orthodox conservative/libertarianism can only muster at best a second rate intellectualism. Wisdom has always been a closer, discerning integrative look at the the truths in opposites so as to find the thirdness and greater oneness that results from such an integration. That dynamic difference is not the typical mealy-mouthed compromise or poison pill amalgam that merely engenders further conflict without progress which both parties have honed to a near science, and again neither is the false third rate populist counterfeit of wisdom that Trump stumbles around in. The closer look, the honest, objective look sans the arrogance and bias that so often attends orthodoxy…that is what wisdom is.


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