Structures Guide and Apparently Enforce Realities, Paradigms Generate, Hide and Actually Enforce Them

This is why reformers at best accomplish little change and always end up palliating the problem reformers want to resolve.  This is also why the real basis of problems, unethical and/or outmoded/unworkable paradigms, tend to remain unresolved until they fester and engender the over reaction known as revolution. Thus history is largely a long string of failures only very occasionally punctuated by the actual and significant progress  known as paradigm changes.

We live at a time when the paradigms of Finance have not evolved for over 5000 years; and the paradigm of reductionistic science, namely that temporal-physical reality is the only true and ultimate reality, has reigned for over 300 years and generally refuses to validate let alone integrate the significance of consciousness,  even if it is considered an entirely natural phenomenon, into a coherent whole.

Both of these lingering old paradigms are resolved by separate aspects of the concept behind their mutual new paradigm grace as in monetary Gifting and grace as in a dynamic trinity-unity-oneness-wholeness-process.


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