The New Paradigm Change Is From…

…Monetary Scarcity and Financial Oppression to Monetary Abundance and Increased individual, commercial and systemic Freedom. The pattern change is again one of the inversion and/or change in primacy of opposites integrated so thoroughly that a thirdness-oneness is achieved.

The Hunter-Gatherer to Agriculture paradigm change was the inversion and change of primacy from local scarcity and general natural and spacial abundance to more local abundance and less need to expend energy by moving through space and time.

The Copernican Helio-Centric Paradigm change was simply the inversion of the position of the earth and the sun and the thirdness was the mental change of the cosmological primacy of the sun.

Wisdomics-Gracenomics is the accomplishment of today’s new paradigm which is also an inversion of the present scarcity ratio of total individual incomes to total costs/prices into an abundance ratio of individual incomes to costs/prices which is also an inversion of the paradigm of Equilibrium to “the higher and more freeing Disequilibrium.”


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