Wisdomics-Gracenomics: Bringing Consciousnes To Economic Theory

The moment of sale for any business model is a stopping and summing point in time of cost, price and purpose in the complex flow of activity within commerce.

All of the world’s major Wisdom traditions point at an integrated/integrative and focused conscious experience of the present moment whether it is called satori, kensho, samhadi or Grace.

These two events are philosophically aligned, mentally reflective of each other and purposefully and temporally synonymous. In other words the purpose of Life is Self Awareness/Consciousness and the purpose of profit making economics is a profitable sale…..and both a sale and Self Awareness/Consciousness occur in the present moment.

Any economic and/or monetary policy whose effects occur in the immediacy of the moment and at the point of summing and ending of costs and price is by definition then immediately effective of its purpose, and simultaneously an unobtrusive and agreed upon purpose for both producer and consumer because it satisfies their mutual intentions, i.e.  sale/consumption.

As both the debt based monetary system and the costing/pricing system are digital a subtraction of cost/price that is monetarily rebated back to the discounter can effect a beneficial purchasing power increase and reduction of price to the consumer and yet enable the producer to still get his/her best competitive price as well as potentially more sales and more profit.

Again, this integrative result is a stable and mutually ideal flowing state for both producer and consumer, and thus, as Wisdom is the very process of thorough integration itself, in a very real sense it is the bringing of Wisdom/Self Awareness/Consciousness to economic theory and the economic system.


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