The Abundant Discount: The One Policy That Changes All Economic Theory and Enables The New Paradigm To Come Into Being

How? By ending the tyranny of numbers and accounting, and so our economic enslavement to them. We would still account for them, rigorously in fact, but we’re freed from their apparent necessity to be balanced by getting beyond the paradigms of Debt and Loan ONLY. The wonderful invention of double entry bookkeeping is not destroyed or eliminated, but transformed from demon to mere accounting denominator. It shatters the paradox of thrift and overcomes the financial fallacy of composition, i.e. monetary gifting is good and monetary gifting throughout the entirety of the economy is good as well.

Using the abundant discount policy is a classic example of the discerning power that results from the integration of opposites which is the signature of Wisdom, and thirdness-oneness which is the signature of Wisdom’s pinnacle concept grace and its aspects of freedom, abundance, gifting, dynamic free flowingness and transcendence.


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