Wisdomics-Gracenomics: The Grand and Progressive Integration of Disequilibrium Theory, MMT, Austrian Economics and Social Credit

Steve Keen has done an excellent job of debunking neo-liberalism, a task probably deserving of a Noble Prize itself, and yet C. H. Douglas declared the economic system in an inherent and continual state of disequilibrium almost 100 years ago.

MMT has the mechanics of money creation correct and is anti-austerity which is the correct attitude, but it has no way to combat demand pull/creep inflation, relying too much on a new liberal orthodoxy that inflation will not occur with a large increase in governmental, especially when/if the huge debt overhang is eliminated. C. H. Douglas was anti-austerity with his citizen’s Dividend and had a means of reducing costs and prices with his compensated-rebated retail discount, so again he was way before everybody in this respect.

Austrians believe in deflation which is a good idea if it didn’t make an already austere and financially rigged system an even more painful and bankruptcy fraught fait acompli. Again, Douglas’s Retail Discount policy can eliminate inflation and with continued innovation and AI perhaps accomplish some price deflation.

Social Credit had all of the theoretical fallacies and deepest systemic problems correctly spotted and intelligent policies as per above for their resolution.

Wisdomics-Gracenomics is a more complete exegesis of the philosophical concept behind Social Credit and is an extension of its policies that conforms with quantum physics, the laws of thermo-dynamics and pushes past perhaps Social Credit’s slight orthodox adherence to equilibrium, which is static and so not truly flowing, with abundant levels of its dual policies that accomplishes true free flowingness and a grand integration of all four of the previous theories above.


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