Grace: The Paradigm….of Life…and of The Cosmos

Yes, it’s that vast and that significant.  Why?

Historically, aspect(s) of the philosophical the concept of grace are directly associated with every step of genuine human progress.

Every paradigm change is a new human cognition about the applicability, workability, ethical ascension and problem resolving power of an aspects(s) of grace.

Quantum theory is science struggling with consciousness itself and consciousness/self awareness is completely synonymous with the experience of the state of grace.

Wisdom is the very process and result of the integration of the truths in opposites, and grace is the pinnacle integrative/continually integrating concept and experience of Wisdom.

Cosmologically we and everything exists within a black hole (or even more likely an expanding plasmoid) in which space, time and what we perceive as the physical universe is an expanding exteriorization/exteriorizing of the primary reality which is consciousness. It’s all connected/integrated/integrating on the primary level and in the final analysis we are simply its extrapolation with a lot of very interesting, beautiful and beguilingly apparent randomness tossed in.


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